Horrible Experience at Stonehedge Boarding Kennel in Stirling Ontario

Pet Boarding Tragedy at Stonehedge Boarding Kennel

On Friday May 17th 2013, I took my three dogs to Stonehedge Boarding Kennel in Stirling, Ontario for the weekend. I have taken my dogs there are a number of times without major incident. Unfortunately this time, due to the ineptitude of the people trusted with the welfare of my dogs, one of my dogs would end up dead.

8 thoughts on “Horrible Experience at Stonehedge Boarding Kennel in Stirling Ontario

  1. rest in peace bob you will be missed forever and were such a loving dog, jerry and I will miss having you jump our gate to say hi,

  2. I worked for the Bakers in the county and witnessed abusiveness in kicking pigs and non-sedative castration of baby male pigs. I was never at peace with the lack of respect of all life I witnessed on that farm. I feel sad for your loss and I don’t know anything to account for the neglect but do feel he has disrespect for all life or all creatures and volatile anger issues.

  3. I feel really sad to hear about the loss of your dog. It is very heartbreaking to lose a beloved member of your family. In fairness to Stonehedge Kennels, however, I have found them to be very reputable, professional and caring. Their facility is clean, spacious and first-rate. While yours was a tragic situation and my heart goes out to you, please note that the kennel was judged blameless by the authorities who investigated this unfortunate incident.

  4. Being a dog lover it is sad to loose a good friend to old age alone but to other means is dreadful. They do go to a good place as they are playing with other dogs too.RIP.

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