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I adopted Bob Barker from Quinte Humane Society May 8, 2011. He was a husky greyhound mix with a fantastic temperament, a love for running, and an extremely friendly dog.

Like many huskies Bob had an adventurous side, he would like to go on excursions on his own whenever possible. This didn’t happen very often and in the three years I had him he only escaped three times.

Bob loved to go to the dog park, and run with his two furry roommates, another husky greyhound mix, and a husky. He had many friends, both human and canine.

Bob Barker

This is a photo of Bob taken May 8th 2013, which was Bob day, we celebrated the third anniversary of the date Bob came to stay with me.


This is a video of Bob enjoying a good run.

5 thoughts on “About Bob

  1. First of all let express my disgust at your half truths and blatantly lies about the incident and about the character of the owners. Your desperation for attention and willingness to commit liable slander by all rights should land you in court. Blaming the owners for your out of control animal and the very place where you okayed for and how it was to be kept is sleazy and hypocritcal. It is sad that he died and nobody would disagree with that but your need for revenge is clouding your judgement and reasonability.

    • Your post demonstrates the problem. Your first concern is YOUR disgust, this unfortunate event is not about you, the reputation of the kennel, or the people running it, but about a poor dog who died because of ill advised choices made by people who were supposed to be caring for him and who should know better.

      What exactly are lies or half truths? I would imagine that for you making generalities and innuendo is far easier, as the facts of the matter are difficult to dispute, death is a relatively black and white issue. Any way you slice it, I think you would be hard pressed making an argument that Bob is at all culpable for his demise. It would be interesting to see you try…

      I am just providing the information provided to me. I am not out for revenge… I just want people to know what happened. In a small town people are sometimes afraid to offend, or cause a stir, I have no such fears. Maybe get a dictionary and look up slander and while you are at it take a gander at hypocrisy.

  2. Well, I’m glad you are disgusted. I read about this on a friend’s Facebook page, and I see no exaggeration, just a straightforward telling of the facts. You have accused this guy of lying. Please enumerate these “lies”, in detail. Also, I think you should be careful about tossing around threats of suing for libel or slander. As far as I can see the only false or defamatory claims have been written by yourself. Here’s some education for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation

    A little research on my part indicates that the people that own the farm are named Baker so I can only assume that you are related and have a financial stake in this, so excuse me if I discount your righteous indignation and disgust as a feeble attempt to save face. I am disgusted that you would blame the event on an “out of control animal” Really? REALLY? It’s the dog’s fault? I have discussed this incident with my vet, and border and they were shocked that an “experienced” boarding company of “26 years” would chain a dog with obvious separation anxiety in a pen. Why not just cut to the chase and toss a rope over a tree branch?

    You people have no business “caring” for other peoples animals with the apparent callous disregard you seem to have for them.

  3. Very well said Curt. Couldn’t have said it any better. Yes there are always two sides to every story but they already admitted to tying Bob up so that’s enough explaining.

    I have never had an experience with their boarding kennel but have had many friends involved with their riding school. One girl quit riding there because they just kept on breeding horses, which turned into them having so many they couldn’t take care of them all. The stories that my friends have told me from working there are sickening. She went to get a pony from the field one day and it hadn’t been looked after in so long that it’s halter grew into its skin and they had to peel the halter off and get the vet as it was so infected. That is just the beginning of the stories. The Bakers themselves have a bad name in this community from their personality towards others. I hope something comes out of this case. So sorry for your loss. Nothing can replace that loss!

  4. I’m really really sorry about what happened to Bob. I lost my dog 3 years ago, and I definitely feel for you my friend. It’s a terrible situation. I think it may have been a whole different situation if the kennel took some responsibility here. Accidents happen, but I think that if the kennel would have been upfront and apologetic, they wouldn’t have such a bad reputation now. Again, I’m really sorry for your loss.

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